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You have your own cargo unit, cargo van or straight truck

A cargo unit needs to be provided to you by Carrier or fleet owner

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Any cell phone with nationwide coverage with email and texting capabilities. This eliminates the need for expensive qual comms to be mounted in your cargo units.


Choose from the following:


MicroSoft Street & Trips
Any other software that works properly


Operating money for personal expenses of a minimum $800.00 to a maximum of $1,500.00 (cargo vans) and double that for dock high trucks. Your recruiter will evaluate your overall situation and decide what amount you will need. This can be cash or credit card or a combination of both. If you are cashless and credit cards are your only means, you will need to bring in the 3 most consecutive / recent statements showing your available balances. This is required so we know our freight will NOT be stranded on a highway because you have no operating capital until our load
advances begin.


This is used to deposit your wages and / or fuel advances. Go to your bank or credit union to open an account. Be sure to fill out the form to get a debit card. You can use the debit card for food,
fuel, snacks, or any purchases etc.


A debit card so you can make purchases with those funds easily. If you do not have a debit card, they are easy to get. Simply open up an account at any bank and request a debit card for the account. If you're completely unable to do this, you can get a re loadable card from Wal-Mart. You can obtain the details for this at any Wal-Mart customer service desk. We do direct deposit right into your personal or business account.


In the cold months (November thru mid March) you must have at least
one heat source for your cargo unit, blankets, electric blankets for
sleeping gloves, boots and other cold weather gear.


A relatively current road atlas


An air gauge that will read the tire pressure of at least 90 psi. There are two basic types of air gauges. One will read up to about 50 psi and the other one will read up to about 120 psi. Be sure to
have the correct type. Digital ones are best and are generally available in home centers and truck stops.


E-MAIL (access to your e-mail while on the road)

You will need an E-mail account and access to it while you are on the road via your cell phone or laptop, ipad, etc. These are easy to get and free. Yahoo, Gmail and others provide a free e-mail. You can have e-mails sent to your home computer AND your cell phones. This is easy to set up.